Narrative Essay On Having Friends

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I became 18 prior 6 months. It is pretty exciting, right? You have finally earned your freedom to make independent decisions whether to study abroad or go clubbing at night with friends. No one can stop the budding adult.
Whoever tries to clip our imaginary wings? You have my sympathies.
I was excited as an over-enthusiastic kid who for the first time is celebrating first birthday and for me, 18 is a threshold to adulthood.
I harbored this dream about being an adult who is financially independent and who is only answerable for her. This is too matured.
I should perhaps think about having boyfriends, making-out session with a complete stranger in a buzzing bar and booze all night. It’s awesome!!!
I have had such thoughts come across my mind
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This is my self-analysis of my own life and most importantly, Lazy and parents disapprove partying. My parent’s ideology is that friendship should be based on trust and intellectual growth not being a matchmaker to each other or covering up each other’s mistakes. Intellectual growth??? Who thinks so deep as pristine water in a well these days? You have many kind of friends from 4-am friends to Facebook friends and no one has time to be interested in such superfluous discussions.
I think I have the full authority to become the queen of my life and do what I want. Instead of cracking my head on studying, I could pursue my interests like origami and short stories. I will like to go out and explore this world and be rich but then a reality hits back at me and sarcastically adds: ‘Hey, what do you think you are a Queen? Nothing comes free except for smiles, dreams and death. You need to work day and night to achieve your dreams. Don’t grow idle.’
Life is becoming thrice difficult to live as today, my age-group friends are doing awesome work in their chosen field like our Olympic champion, Simone Biles and many more. It is just overwhelming and the only one who win are the ones with something special or a honed-skills since

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