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A self-assessment of one 's strengths and weaknesses is essential to identify areas or skills in which one may or may not need to improve.(Bethel University, 2014) Admitting that I was weak at something became the hardest task while performing my self-assessment. For that reason, I learned that most of my poor responses quickly turned into okay answers. To no surprise, reading, writing, and retaining written information were my obvious weaknesses. (Bethel University, 2014) My academic skills have been in semi-retirement for years, and now I must learn to apply them daily once again. One weakness that I continually work on is money management. I am usually fairly frugal with my money, but when I fire up the grill, I tend to overspend at the grocery…show more content…
We relate to it in many areas of our life, whether it be at home, work, or even while ordering takeout. Solid communication skills are vital in almost every personal or professional interaction. Not having good communication skills can mean the difference in a raise, promotion, or getting onions on your burger. (Taylor, 2015) However, most men associate with this word negatively in our relationships with our significant others. I can recall a record number of times my wife has challenged my communication skills. To improve one 's communication, you must develop good reading writing and listening skills. (Taylor, 2015) For me, one of the keys to developing some of my skills is paying closer attention to my reports at work. I also plan to enhance my vocabulary by taking the time to look for words to substitute for commonly used in my assignments. (Bethel University, 2014) Several of the tips found in Unit 2 Read Session will be very beneficial in increasing my writing skills such as reading aloud, walking away and returning to reread something to aid in finding errors. (Bethel University,…show more content…
Although it may not seem remarkable at the moment, there are several advantages to using APA format. The most significant benefit of using APA format is to avoid plagiarism. Because nobody would want somebody to take credit for something they wrote. Other advantages include presentation, organization, writing skills. (Cooper, 2001-2016) APA format helps create the presence of a uniform appearance which aids in the standardized form of an essay which makes it easier to follow and understand. (Cooper, 2001-2016) I welcome the challenge and look forward to learning how to use this style to strengthen my writing skills which will enhance my communication skills. Another reason to become familiar with the format is that it is the preferred method of Bethel University online
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