My Self-Assessment: Reflection Of Communication And Communication Skills

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In personal view I thought that I was more of a shy guy, I thought i kept to myself. When I took the self-assessments I figured out that I am somewhat what I thought I was but also realized that I do talk and judge a lot. On my self-awareness test I got a score that sowed that I was highly self-aware of my communication skills. Adaptability was more of an average score, I know how to adapt to situations like any other person, doesn 't mean I 'm good at it though. In my listening test I got the results revealing that I listen very well, I am told that I know how to keep to myself and I always considerate of the other person, and as I try to be! My cognitive complexity score wasn 't so great, it shows that I need more work on my perception skills, which I was surprised about because I get distracted easily and always come up with situations in my head, but on this assessment I didn 't. Also on my ethical test I believe that it is unethical in my views, but i also am aware that others have different views. Overall I know how I communicate but I’m also unaware of some parts of my communication. On my self-awareness test I knew how i communicate, and the test showed that too! I know how to communicate to others well, people often tell me that at first that im quiet but once I start talking you can never shut me up, I agree to that comment because once i talk something I’m interested in its hard for me to see other peoples opinions but I also give my opinions more
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