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My Self-Concept My self-concept includes a number of different adjectives and roles, these include both good and bad things. The adjectives I use to describe myself are as follows: kind, loyal, selfish, hard working, apathetic, practical, honest, occasionally rude, and procrastinator. As for the roles that I fill, I am a son, a brother, a friend, a student, the oldest son, and a teacher. Self-concept is a product of many things, it is not just simply what a person is. One specific example of an action that affects someone’s self-concept would be social comparisons. Social comparisons are when a person looks at the people around them and decides how they feel about themselves based on the items or qualities that the others they see have. This…show more content…
One example of how social comparisons have shaped me is when in the 6th grade, I started to realize that all my friends had Nike shoes and I had a generic brand. This eventually lead me to begging my parents for some new shoes and me finally getting some Nike shoes for the start of 7th grade year. This has had an effect on me since then, and to this day I still love Nike shoes. Another example of when I was affected by social comparisons was when one of my friends brought a laptop to school. This was when I first realized that I loved computers and that I needed to have one. After lots of time spend asking, my parents finally gave in and bought me my first laptop. This effect was also long term, because after that I got a better laptop, then a desktop, and now I have a very nice custom build desktop computer. The last two examples had a lasting effect, but not all social comparisons end with this result. An example of a social comparison that did not leave a lasting effect was when I noticed that all my friends were in the school Band. When I came to this realization, I decided that I was going to join too. This didn’t last long thought because soon after I started to learn a little about the program and started to do some practicing, I knew that the passion was not there. Luckily, I had not officially joined yet, and never
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