My Senior Year Research Paper

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I 've been waiting for this moment all my life ever since I got to middle school. This year has been the most stressful one yet. But also the funniest one. My first day as a senior I was happy that it was coming all to an end in just a few more months. At this time my nursing school was in the morning instead of the afternoon. Also I only have three classes this year. Nursing school was where it was at. I finally got to experience and be a part of doing hands on at nursing homes and taking the aides assignments and doing them myself. I learned a lot from doing there jobs that one day I would be doing on my own when I get my license. I also learned that when you
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On the day for Cap n Gown pictures, I was so excited. My friend did my makeup and lashes at her house and then we got to school. This was my second time wearing makeup. My first time was homecoming. Moreover, as we went down to take our pictures. I was called down second. As I put the gown on it went all the way down to my feet. I 'm like it 's too big and at first I didn 't know how to put my cap on but I figured it out. I had to hurry up and take a picture on my phone before I went up so I only got to take one picture on my phone. As I made my way back to class I just can 't believe that I only have two more months until graduation for both of…show more content…
Senior year so far was the best. I made it my best year. Right now I can say I have changed tremendously. I 'm doing things that I want in my life. I 'm becoming my own person and being independent. Even though there was some deep up’s and down’s. I stayed strong and got through them. I met new friends that are now like family to me and right now my world is happy. I 'm happy. I 'm really happy that I don 't have to pay my nursing fees because I have free reduce lunch. Also my senior fees at Euclid is only 40 dollars. Over the years everybody would say, “ High School goes by quick.” I didn 't believe them until now. That I 'm a senior that, that
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