Rainier: A Short Story

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I had just woken from one of my short dream in the happenings of insomnia. My mother had rushed into my dully painted grey bedroom and explained the news, but not the news that shows on the television every morning— this was something different, an event never spoken of.
“I have to go pick up my friend Robert. Make sure to feed your brothers and yourself as well, the food is in the kitchen waiting,” said my mother rushing out the door.
“Wait, mom! Where are you heading to?”
“I’m heading to Mt. Rainier sweetie,” she responded right as the door closed.
I was still confused as to why my mother had to go and pick up her friend from Mt. Rainier, because who would want to leave the beautiful views there? I rushed outside hoping to see if my mother
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“It’s a long drive to the mountain and back. When I go pick up Robert, the car has to be clean of any trash. I’m sure we would go on a hike as well. It would be another cool experience since we will be adventuring on the other side of Mt.Rainier,” she concluded.
“So, Robert isn’t in trouble? I thought you came back because he needed some help even though paramedics probably would have been the first choice anyway if it was an emergency.” I imagined Robert being safely inside a tent for a few days, looking up at the light blue skies while waiting for us to pick him up. My thoughts about Robert appeared like a flash of light and quickly stopped. Now back to reality; we already had to leave.
Just until now did I realize that my mother had been wearing hiking clothing along with her professional boots, and a hiking backpack that was so huge that it could possibly hold my fragile, nine-year-old brothers. Mom’s clothes were brighter than what she would wear on a typical shopping day. My brothers, on the other hand, were not able to match any clothing correctly. It was like like trying to put a puzzle piece to the wrong puzzle board. It was just a crazy
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My brothers and I were listening to cultural music, watching the clear skies drift by, and a put on a lot of sunscreen during the wait. The boys were sitting in the back seats, eating their beef jerky and potato chips. I felt that the trip was too long. I saw a lot of evergreen trees and wildlife crossing the roads. The forest was very dense, and there was a lot less sunlight as we approached higher elevation. My mother stopped in Buckley to take a quick break. “Children, do you have to go use the bathroom? This will be the only time I would stop on the road until we get to Sunrise, Mt. Rainier National Park!” my mother
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