My Short Dream: A Short Story: The Story

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I had just woken from one of my short dream in the happenings of insomnia. My mother had rushed into my dully painted grey bedroom and explained the news, but not the news that shows on the television every morning— this was something different, an event never spoken of. “I have to go pick up my friend Robert. Make sure to feed your brothers and yourself as well, the food is in the kitchen waiting,” said my mother rushing out the door. “Wait, mom! Where are you heading to?” “I’m heading to Mt. Rainier sweetie,” she responded right as the door closed. I was still confused as to why my mother had to go and pick up her friend from Mt. Rainier, because who would want to leave the beautiful views there? I rushed outside hoping to see if my mother was still in the car after 10 minutes passed by. She was gone. She left me with my little brothers, and I haven 't even gotten paid to watch them. But right when I stepped back to lock myself inside our home, that at some moments resembled a zoo, my mother’s car pulled up behind me in the eerie parking lot. She slammed the door and sluggishly walked back inside our apartment, and said that she had to come back because she would be gone for a while. She needed her children. I quickly walked back towards the door, still confused about what was going on. “Maybe Robert was in trouble and needed our help,” I thought to myself. “Adam, Aaron, we need to pack up the food Mom brought us and put it into some backpacks.We also need to bring water,

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