My Short Story: The Grotesque Mask Of Death

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Welcome everyone, you’re listening to ‘inspired by the story’, where we discuss how written tales impact our own writing. This podcast is designed to shed light on my short story, based on my reading and understanding of a number of texts, which have allowed me to consider how to employ numerous stylistic features into my short story. Today is an opportunity for me to discuss with you what has influenced me to write my very own short story titled ‘The Grotesque Mask of Death’. My prime inspiration for the ideas I have implied in my story is from the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, in particular the Tell Tale Heart. My fanatic short story, the grotesque mask of death is based off the paranormal experiences of a teenage girl, who is hounded by…show more content…
Poe’s use of Gothic elements of darkness and evil are also applicable in short story. Poe manifests darkness and evil within the entire plot as it is written so that it all occurs at night, which constructs the narrators motives to be even more terrifying. These elements are recognised as the narrator describes the victims room as “black as pitch with the thick darkness”. The simile effectively describes the atmosphere surrounding the narrator as being intensely dark, which reflects upon the narrator 's emotions as being wicked. The narrator is driven by his compulsive hatred and is about to commit murder, an action full of darkness and evil. Poe’s incorporation of these gothic elements in the Tell tale heart have stimulated me to also include them in my short story, which is apparent in “with the sight of the pitch black skies, I knew that terror slowly but surely approached my mind, twisting and turning into a creature whom never escaped my dreams... Or should I say nightmares?”. The use of vivid imagery creates a powerful setting indicating that as the darkness began to appear physically, evil began to occur internally in the narrator 's mind. The rhetorical question suggests that the figure represents everything dark and evil within the story and it would constantly haunt her, triggering her terrorizing
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