The Importance Of Alexander Hamilton's Life

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One's country of origin or their native land cannot measure competency for success. Determination and persistence solely calculate one’s progress as well as prosperity; accurate determination of successfulness of a person prevail by their willpower to reach success altogether. In America, the government often times have had trouble believing in immigrants capabilities due to the fact that they are not indigenous to the United States. Immigration has been the topic of an ongoing, unsolved debate for multiple decades, and whether or not it is beneficial to both America’s economy and America’s society in its entirety. As we follow Alexander Hamilton's life and major accomplishments as an immigrant in the U.S. in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway soundtrack…show more content…
Hamilton’s shot is one that comes with the opportunities he delivered himself to; the “shot” he refers to is the future he hopes to bring himself. Although Hamilton does indeed give away his shot during the duel involving himself and Aaron Burr, his success led to the success of a promising future of growth and independence for the American people. Miranda goes on to describe Hamilton as “young scrappy and hungry” in “My Shot”, followed again by the aggressive and the courageous mantra “I am not throwing away my shot” as well as identifying the struggles of belittlement he felt as well as immigrants today, by declaring “I gotta holler just to be heard with every word, I drop knowledge, I'm a diamond in the rough a shiny piece of coal.” Around the world, for everyone, Knowledge does not come readily available, but grasping it everywhere you go come into being, representing acts of intelligence through Alexander Hamilton from reading every treatise and book he could before coming to the states and making his famous

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