My Significant Experience In My High School Experience

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I’m amazed on how an experience, big or small, can greatly affect someone. Being 15 years old, I cannot say that I have had any phenomenal event in my life that I will remember 20 years from now, but I have learned that great experiences don’t have to come from grand occurrences. Instead, it can also come from normal things in our lives. We may not notice it at first, but as soon as it ends, we will realize that the thing that we’ve been doing everyday might be that “Significant Experience” that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.
I didn’t start off high school perfectly. I transferred from a different school and seeing another world aside from my small elementary school was terrifying. 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that my high school experience will be the significant experience that I will be writing about in an essay for a college admission. But now that I’m months away from leaving high school behind and graduating, I can say that I grew more socially, emotionally and intellectually during my high school years than any period of time so far. They are my most educational years. Not only because I’ve learned new lessons from subjects like geometry and physics, but because I’ve learned so much about myself and about life. To go from being spoon-fed and having everything sugar coated, to having a glimpse of real life, certainly affected me and my outlook in life. It was not always that perfect, In fact, I was already in my junior year when I started to
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