My Sister Estelle Research Paper

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Life is weird when you 're being raised by your great grandmother. Born October 30th Estelle was left in the care of her great grandmother since her mother and father weren 't ready for a child yet, both still in high school. Marguerite 's own daughter, Estelle 's grandmother, had passed in a car wreck three years before hand and her son in law wanted nothing to do with the new baby. So Marguerite took the infant Estelle from her birth city of Abbeville, Louisiana and went back to her own home in New Orleans. Raised in a rural environment Estelle was brought up along side the neighbors children and basically allowed to raise hell for most of her childhood. Marguerite was an anarchist, but the state required Estelle attend a public school so off she was sent. Here she picked up on speaking in a neutral accent since most of the kids couldn 't understand her if she spoke her natural way(having picked up a thick creole accent from her great grandmother). Estelle also showed a talent for her math homework, but she also got into fights with the 'city ' kids for making fun of her or the neighbor 's children. It caused her teachers to start to question her work since her troublemaking ways caused some to wonder if she was…show more content…
By middle school Estelle was a troublemaker, having kept up her habit of getting into fights with the other students, though most of her fights were in defense of kids like her or she was pissed off to the point of taking a swing. She was also learning to hunt with the fathers and uncles of her neighbors, along with one of the uncles teaching her how to weld and do metal work as a way of 'making something out
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