My Sister: My Most Influential Person In My Life

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I sat there nervously wondering why any college would ever accept me, frozen with panic unable to continue any of my applications until I heard my sister’s voice ring in my head telling me how gifted I am and motivating me to continue because I’ll never flourish if I never try. In those moments of self-contemplation, I realized that my sister was the most influential person in my life. She has been with me through thick and thin and I doubt I would have gotten this far in life without her.
Throughout my life, I don’t think there has been anyone rooting for me quite like my sister. Even since before I was born she prayed and prayed every night for a little brother even when both my parents and other sister didn’t. She rejoiced at the announcement of my birth while others were awestruck and bewildered by the news. She thought it necessary while also very misguided to teach me the meaning of tough love by not helping me whenever I asked for it because she understood the importance autonomy and independence. She wanted to instill in my brain that there will not always be someone out there to help me. She pushed me to understand the importance of learning how to grow when there was no one around to assist me. She also knew when to support me when I was depressed and just needed a shoulder to cry on or when I truly needed
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I can’t count how many times she’s dragged me to volunteer at soup kitchens or to help underprivileged families receive medical care. Even though I would fight her every second of the way she wanted to ensure that I stay humble and be a kind person no matter how much success I may achieve. She offered to study with me so that together we could duel my laziness which always plagued my academic career. My sister became my shield and my sword, it was with her that I felt that nothing could hurt me and no obstacle was
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