My Sister's Keeper

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Anna Fitzgerald (Abigail Breslin) was conceived by her parents as a savior sibling for her sister Kate Fitzgerald. Kate has leukemia, and relies on her sister for body parts. However, when Anna turns thirteen, she is asked to donate a kidney to her terminally ill sister. For this reason, Anna petitions to sue her parents, Sara (Cameron Diaz) and Brian Fitzgerald (Jason Patric) for medical emancipation because she no longer wants to live her life for Kate. Although, throughout the novel, Sara Fitzgerald shows bias love for her sick child, My Sister’s Keeper, directed by Nick Cassavettes is a moving and emotional story about not just the freedom and right one has over their own body, but both the bringing together and tearing apart of a family…show more content…
That is, how a family can be torn apart when things get hard. If it weren’t for Kate’s illness, this would be described as the ‘perfect’ family. Anna and her mother exchange many aggressive emotions throughout the novel, such as when they scream at each other and get into arguments about donating Anna’s kidney for Kate, just as a normal mother and daughter would act in the same situation in reality. Throughout the entire movie though, Anna and Kate show love and support for each other despite the fact that Anna is the only one keeping Kate alive, and she will be responsible for her death. After Kate passes away, Anna says “ Once upon a time I thought I was put on earth to save my sister. And in the end I couldn 't do it. I realize now that wasn 't the point. The point was I had a sister. She was fantastic. One day I 'm sure I 'll see her again. But until then our relationship continues.” This part in the film was the ultimate tear jerking point for me. Although, in My Sister’s Keeper there is a lot of bias being shown from the mother, Kate Fitzgerald, overall it is an amazing story that teaches us about important morals, sisterly love, and the tearing apart of a family after a tragic death. These themes allow us to relate to the film tremendously as all of it relates to real life situations. Plus, who doesn’t love a good
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