My Six Word Memoir

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I am writing to you about the unique meaning behind my six word memoir, things you should know about me, and my two main goals for the year.

To begin, I have created a six word memoir that describes one of my favorite things, dance. My memoir is, “Hours of sweat, stress, and sparkles”. It describes how I feel when I am at one of my performances. I sweat because I am working hard to achieve my best. I feel stress because I need to execute the dances properly. In the memoir, I say sparkles, that represents the sequins on the costume and that I smile all throughout my several dances. To write this memoir, I reflected on numerous diverse days that I remember. One of them was about visiting Disney World when I was younger, “Week of sun, rides and magic.” Another was about my first day of dance when I was four, “First day of a new life.” My six word memoir, “Hours of sweat, stress, and sparkles” describes how I feel countless nights a year at my dance recitals.
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I enjoy doodling and reading. I frequently doodle because I can show how I feel or just create a graceful design. I am also passionate about reading. In my free time, I read because it takes my mind off immense projects in school or other stressful assignments. In addition, I love to make friendship bracelets. The pattern and rhythm are calming to me and helps me wind down after dance. My family is also important to me. I have one brother, Ryan, a mom, a dad, and a pet cat, named Quilla. We also have several fish, who live in an outside pond. Those were some things you should know about
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