My Skull Short Story

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skull was born int eve city, and like everyone else, went to school like ever one else as well. however, unlike everyone else, she learned to read tarot cards, palm reading, and other occultish stuff as well from one of her friends; she got into it deeper, liking the mysterious sense and feeling like someone was really there, like someone was opening up new doors for also gave her a sense of control over her life, for as her friend says "it 's not only the cards that tell us something, but it 's the interpretation of the cards". when she was doing readings for her friends, and even as she does reading now, the death card usually came up. this was how she got her nickname skull.

now, this was before the events that changed skull happens. she used to be the person who loved hugs and
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it was around these times that skull also developed the alter mine set for when she was doing her readings. In way, it just really happened. This probably is due to the fact the James would laugh during the harassment in occasions.

it seemed like no matter what the shy girl did, or try to do, nothing worked and nothing stopped the unpleasant touch (and she still refused to tell her parents and the police) she slowly began to "undeveloped" , as her teachers, and eventually her parents, called it. she didn 't grow out of the stuff animals, but in fact she wanted more. she couldn 't sleep in the dark at night any more. james kept on the harassment and refused to let the pretty girl go.

eventually, at the age nineteen, james twenty one, she was convinced, no, forced to go join plasma by james, who she saw less now that he was busy. james patrolled and worked at eve city, to keep close to skull, however skull prayed she wouldn 't have to see him again. although, she doubts it as he promised her he would see her occasionally. when she did join Plasma however, she weaved a lie and got the man killed. after joining Plasma she stayed with another member for some time by the name

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