My So Called Enemy Analysis

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In the trailer” My So Called Enemy” and the texts “Texas vs. Johnson” by William J. Brennan and “American Flag Stands For Tolerance” by Ronald J. Allen each provides strong information as to how people are treated differently because of their religion or culture, how the first amendment protects our freedom and how the flag should be treated. The information provided will explain how we as human being must be willing to accept diverse cultures and opinions that are different from our own. A handful of people get judged because of their culture or religion and that’s something you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. According to the trailer “My So Called Enemy” states that “Gal is from Israel, she said she understands that the other girls doesn’t like her because she’s from Israel but not all people are killers.” Because of this, Gal doesn’t have any friends because she’s from Israel and her culture is different from the other girls in the house. They also believe that people from Israel are all killer, which in Gal eyes, is not true. In addition, the trailer states “Ines said that she loves her Jewish friends but sometimes she thinks about and gets sad because they…show more content…
In the test “Texas vs. Johnson” states that “the way to preserve the flags special role is not to punish those who feel differently about these matter it’s to persuade them that they are wrong lines 37-39.” This reveals that everyone has a totally different way of showing that they are wrong and it’s not always by punishing them. Furthermore, in the text “America flag stand for tolerance “states in lines 64-67 “more than anything else the flag stands for free expression of ideas no matter how distasteful.” This means that the people can express whatever expression they are feeling and won’t be punished for it, no matter how distasteful. People opinions should matter no matter if they are not the
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