My Son Saved My Life Analysis

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Hello, Professor and Classmates! The video My Son Saved My Life. Jane got kicked out of the house at about 15 years old. While living in the streets, Jane found a good group of kids who were homeless as well. Jane worried about having food, clothes, and shelter when she was on the streets. She was in an unstable environment. Jane and the other kids camping out in the woods so that the cops would not bother them. The overall problem for Jane is she was homeless.

Jane’s current age is 26-and she is a single mother who reports that she was living on the streets, and she had nowhere to go. She did eventually get an apartment that she shared with other people. She reported that her son helped change her life for the better. Jane is in a better
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During this phase, Jane and a caseworker will develop a plan with her and overcome the obstacles she may see ahead (Summers,2016). Jane has Hendrix now, and she wants him to have a better life than she had. The guiding principles of the recovery model that relates to my interaction with Jane are hope. During this phase the person is striving for a better future, and is encouraged to envision themselves overcoming obstacles and moving forward” (Summers, 2016, p. 251). Having Hendrix helped Jane turn her life around you see the smile on her face and in her eyes. Jane provides for her baby first, then herself. Jane and her family are in a better place today. Jane’s mother, dad and little brother all help watch the baby while Jane is at work. Jane does believe in giving back to her community she works at a non-profit…show more content…
The Economy Opportunity Act was used to manage a variety of community based programs The OEO Act was never put in place to deal with poverty through raising welfare payments or guaranteeing certain wages. But instead help the poor to obtain a good education, on the job training. This Economic Opportunity Act along with other programs such as the Job Corp, Project Head Start, and Youth Corps were the most important programs designed to help assist poor people. This act is still providing assistance through the Job Corp in which many young adults are joining to get training for specific jobs. Because of the Act there is also assistance with Adult Basic Education which provides grants to state agencies for programs constructed for people who are 18 years or older to assist with reading and writing skills for employment. In order to improve this program congress and government agencies should be more involved to assist the programs needed for education. Congress should also ensure every child and adult have opportunities to achieve full economic and social potential as a nation. Training and education opportunities should not be minimized and the opportunity to work in job area in which people have the trained experience
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