My Son The Fanatic Essay

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How strong influence our parents us? Do they have really so much power about us, that they form our character, our lifestyle and with that our life ? The shortstory „My son the fanatic“, which was published in the year 1994, written by Hanif Kureishi, a British Pakistani novelist, is a good example to look at this kind of questions. The Story shows the relationship of father and son, who are immigrants in England and develope two completely different opinions what the right way is to live life. Parvez lives with his son Ali and his wife, who he barely sees in England. He is taxi driver and tries to adopt the British lifestyle. At some point he starts to see more and more changes in his son’s appearance and behavior. He speaks about it with his Co-workers and Bettina, a prostitute, with who he has a connection. As he try to talk with Ali about his worries, he finds out, that Ali converted to the Islam and is ashamed of the lifestyle his father lives. The conflict grows stronger and stronger. Nonetheless Parvez still tries to get through to his son, but after Ali…show more content…
But arguments against it are if Ali had been complete open to Parvez and had talked to him, he would support him, even after Ali was disrespectful in front of him, he tried to show him that he is on his side. Maybe Parvez made some mistakes, but besides so he loves Ali with all his soul and want him to be happy and would always make sure that he is alright, he cares about their relationship and would always fight for it. So no it is not Parvez fault that Ali ended up being a fanatic. He gave him enough freedom to take every road for his life he wanted. He was always there for him to talk and supported him with all he
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