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My song is different. It’s not famous and no one sings it. It has been cut and pasted, edited and put into rhythm. The chorus has been changed many times and the beat is sometimes a little off. My song goes on without any caesura. My song has been in the making for 19 years now and counting. It can’t be found in stores or on iTunes, for this is the song that is being written about my life. Like other songs, my song is about many life challenges and sometimes life struggles. Even though everyone experiences heartbreak, happiness, and guilt these experiences are different for everyone creating a personal rhythm and tune for their own unique song.
At one time in my life, the rhythm of my song had always been perfect and the melody always flowed
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That day was the day my song was almost ruined. It had no meaning and it had no value. I was lost in the lyrics of letting someone write my song for me and letting them rip my old pages out. I let them hold my pen until the ink finally ran dry. As years passed on, I slowly picked up my ripped pages and began taping them back into my book of music one by one. My book was damaged and so was my song, but it was not ruined. My pages were tattered and torn. However, my beat began to pick back up and my song fell back into harmony once again. My days became brighter and my dreams that were crushed turned into a hope. A new hope to start over and to begin a new verse in my song. I found that the pages that were written in my book were in bolder notes that stood out like a beautiful rainbow in a sky full of clouds. I lived day by day and moment to moment learning to cope with the things thrown at me. My song seemed no different than most others songs that were around me, however, I felt it was. This special song that was being recorded was a song about my life choices. It was original and it was mine and the only one who could now change the words to it was…show more content…
One of the biggest pieces of this song was that I’d never again let someone else hold the pen and write it for me. I learned that other people who acted like they were my friends really were not. They were just hoping my song would never be published. I learned that songs could be happy and that I could write notes for hope of new beginnings and happier tunes. Most of all I learned that in the hardest times you can always have your family singing your song with you. Having them there as background vocalists to help you no matter how good or bad the situation becomes. My personal song comes from experiences that I feel most people would think I was singing a little off tune. I have experienced winning world championships to losing people special to me. I have helped others who would not help me. I have made good choices and I have made bad but with every regretful choice came a lesson learned that I began adding to my newer and more upbeat version. I have had ungrateful people come and go out of my life and verses I wish were never published. My life song experiences make me who I am today. Everyone’s ballad is different and their songs all have different outcomes. I look at my song now in the most recent pages written and I see my future. It is what I hope will be written next, of all that I have achieved and what now I have to look forward
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