My Sophomore Year Essay

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In my Sophomore year, I realized some regrets in what I chose to take in regards to courses such as not picking Intro to Computer Programming; however, the biggest regret I had within my choice of courses is the fact I did not take the school’s college-level course, Advanced Placement European History, because from what I had heard from my friends, who did take it, is that it was actually not as terrible – and impossible – as I had thought the course could be and thus, going into my Junior year, I decided to enroll for the Junior college-level course, Advanced Placement United States History. I was aware it would still be harder than your average honors-level course, but I still enrolled in it believing I could pass. I was so sure I would…show more content…
The cause was not something I overestimated myself. In fact, the cause was for the first month I was extremely behind, because while I knew the courses entailed a lot, I did not know it also required one to read an entire other book which in my case was Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. This fact was not disclosed to me, because I had made my decision late due to my own hesitation. In fact it was not until I had decided to double check that I had read all the required books a week before school would have begun again – because everyone knows the best and only time someone double checks what they have to do is the very last minute – once I double checked I had found that there was a footnote to the list and only then did I discover and immediately believe I was screwed. From then on, I spent the last week of Summer practically burning the candle at both ends trying to read a book that was in the page range of high 300’s, while still trying to enjoy the last moments of summer fun. Basically, I came to the dilemma of spending my last moments of summer reading a boring book that held vocabulary, idioms, and even some symbolisms of which I had no clear understanding of. Nevertheless I still
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