My Spring Break-Personal Narrative

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My spring break was fun and relaxing. First, on Sunday, I went to The Block to meet up with one of my friends that goes to a different school. As a result, we were able to catch up on things and go shopping. On Monday, my sisters and I went to the hair salon to get a haircut. That following day, my dad, sisters, and I went to the mall to have lunch and go shopping. On Wednesday, my family went to the Pike in Huntington Beach, so my dad could play Pokemon Go and my sisters and I to ride our scooters. Then, on Thursday, my family went to Universal Studios. In the end, we went on 3 rides, Jurassic Park, The Studio Tour, and The Simpsons Ride. On Friday, my family went to church for Good Friday. Next, on Saturday, my parents and aunts had a garage
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