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Have you ever been so miserable with your life that you knew you had to change it? Like you thought that it would be better if you, well just, you know, never existed? Well I have and I 'm about to tell you my story….. Hi, my names Cally Kasey, you may know me as Cally K, the famous singer that has a perfect life. Well my life was not always this perfect. When I was first born in the hospital my father left. My mother then started to get into a very depression kind of state. Her life was a dark hole My mother would abuse me physically and mentally by telling me she wishes she never had me. She would also hit me till I start to bruise and cry. I was always in a terrible state. I felt like I was worthless but I was always remembered about my best friend Emmie and my boyfriend Chance. They were the only reason I was happy, but, then on my sixteenth birthday I found out Chance was cheating on me with Emmie, and yes he said the whole “I 'm sorry babe please take me back” thing but of I course insisted “NEVER!” I lost my bestfriend and boyfriend. At that point, I realized I was all alone. I had no one. I couldn 't believe I didn 't notice they were together. I was so blindsided. All the times they would come to my house together and go to the kitchen alone. Not invite me when they would hang out. I hated myself soooo much. I thought about ending my life ,but I didn 't. I planned on running away. I packed all my things up, put them in my car and the next day I wrote a note

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