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Today, I want to share my story to you. Before I entered my first primary school, I lived with grandmother until I move to Tai Po because of some reasons. I remember that I have not told other about that. It may be one of my secrets. And, I tell you all! I think that because I lived with my grandmother, it fostered my personality as a timid girl and lacked confidence. I think my grandmother was quite impatient to take care of child because she already had 8 sons and daughters. Before my sister born, I was the younger child in my family, and I have more than 5 cousins. I was seldom to talk to people. When I was in Kindergarten, I seldom played with the kindergarten classmates after class. Not only the reason that I always change school. But also my grandmother was old, and she didn’t spend time with me for my entertainment. When some child invited me to join them, my grandmother always stopped me. Therefore, I only sat in front of the television or played the puzzle at home in my leisure time. I didn’t know how to get to together with the other children. I always played with myself as you can see the photos. When children were getting together, then I was just hidden behind. I was inactive and lacked confidence at that stage. I think the situation was getting worse when I became a primary school student. The school is a quite good in Kowloon. And it is the only one photo which took at that school. Although that school is not a famous school, I think that school quite
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