My Strength In Life

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I believe that in life, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to learn from both in real life situations. I have experienced positivity, futuristic, woo, communication, and restorative strengths in past sporting events, school, and everyday life. I also love introducing myself to people and trying to make a great first impression. I think as a society, we need to focus more on improving our strengths, rather than improving our weaknesses to try and balance them out with our strengths. The more we improve our strengths, they become more prominent and reliable. Every day I try and look at things positively to help enhance my overall mood for the day. I write down goals that I can achieve (normally homework) and figure…show more content…
Being positive is one of the most important things to attain in life. Always thinking of the glass as "not 100% full", is not an approach that will get you very far in life. I believe this is my dominant strength because it is directly related to my other four strengths. If I always stay positive then my other four strengths also enhance. I also try to always live in the present. By this, I mean being fully aware of my surroundings and not worry about events that happened in the past. I do this because when you aren't being present, you are a victim of time. You would be constantly thinking about the past and what you did wrong, rather than thinking in the present and how you can impact your future. As an employee, I can use this tactic to create new goals for the future of my company and individually. Positivity gives me the ability to work well with others and always keep people in a confident mindset. I can see certain limitations, characteristics, motivations, and strengths of people, and strive to push people in the right direction by pointing out their successes. Even in serious and tough situations I am able to see the light in things and have an attitude about myself that is contagious to others. As the Assistant director of marketing and fan management, at the University of Oklahoma. I can use my positivity to bring my team closer together to keep coming up with…show more content…
Charismatic communicator is defined as a person's ability to formally and informally communicate with members. It also says that effective leaders, are great communicators. I would agree with this because I believe that I am good at reading situations and peoples body language, therefore, I know how to talk to people in certain situations. I like to use analogies to help people understand what I'm talking about and connect with people by talking about their interests. At the University of Oklahoma, I could use this strength to communicate with my media, entertainment, and marketing team while also relaying our ideas to the athletic director and athletic coaches. This will not only keep us closer as an organization but it will make things more clear so there will be a small margin of

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