Reflective Essay: Courage In A Part Of My Life

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Everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and stories to tell. I spend my days with a variety of laughter, pain, courage, and joy. Although I have experienced a lot of pain in my life with courage and hope have helped me through those difficult times.
Courage is something that has constantly been a part of my life. My strength is my immense courage in various situations. I spent my days tripping over papers as I run back and forth between the bathroom and the couch. Piles of makeup work waiting for my pencil to work out the problems. (Personification) There were days I felt fine and could muster the strength to head to school. Then days when I would lay on the bathroom floor afraid to move or I might get sick again. The toilet bowl became my best friend. Something was wrong, but no one knew. The doctor said it was a recurring flu. All I could muster was the courage to keep going. The strength to get up and go to school even when I felt horrible and threw up every five minutes. Then on my millionth doctor’s appointment, they finally found another test to try an endoscopy. (Hyperbole) I was scared, but all I wanted to do was feel
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It felt like 100 wires were sticking in my arm as they rolled me back to the room. They put a camera down my throat to figure out what appeared to be wrong. When I finally awoke with my mom by my side I found out it appeared nothing was wrong. Knowing something was wrong, but not it being discovered scared me even more. Finally, a diagnosis occurred I have a rare chronic autoimmune disorder, Eosinophilic Gastritis. I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis. However, it will never be cured. Although, I don’t get sick as often due to the many medications and I experience pain throughout my daily life.(Complex) I have learned to keep up the strength and courage to keep going no matter what. Courage has followed me through my years of pain and has helped me through many situations

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