My Stroke Of Insight Analysis

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My Stroke of Insight, written by Jill Bolte Taylor a neuroanatomist at Harvard, reflects her personal experience with a massive stroke at the age of thirty-seven. Jill goes through the events of the hemorrhage and her recovery. With a brother that is diagnosed with schizophrenia, this greatly influenced her want to become a neuroanatamist and her fascination with the brain. Also, Jill’s mother, G.G, had a huge impact on the way she recovered with her persistence. Through the tragedy of her stroke, Jill was able to spiritually experience Nirvana and feel one with the universe. The fascination of the brain and how it works all started when her older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. “Because of my brother, I was hungry to understand what “normal” was at a neurological level.”(pg.5) “Studying the brains of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia brought me a feeling of…show more content…
As she had to sit in silence, for she could not speak properly, she sat and watched the world around her. She could not communicate with the external world so she had to learn and feel deep inner peace within herself. “Think the Buddhists would say I entered the mode of existence they call Nirvana. Sense of liberation and transformation.” (pg.49) By not being able to communicate with the world, she was able to have a spiritual experience of Nirvana. “Feeling of tranquility, safety, blessedness, euphoria, and omniscience.”(pg.49) She felt “one with the universe” and fell in love with the feeling of being at peace. “I found fascinating to be so tuned in to energy dynamics and body language. Most of all, loved the feelings of deep inner peace that flooded the core of my very being.”(pg.82) It is astonishing how such a tragedy and obstacle in life can significantly change one’s inner and outer perspectives. “Thanks to this stroke, I have become free to explore the world again with childlike curiosity.”(pg.
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