My Struggles In Writing: The Importance Of Writing

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These struggles I had to face really hurt me inside, but I kept going and nothing could stop me. I had an interest of writing ever since I was young. I had a very pleasing childhood with my siblings. I remember the first day that I could write and talk. The person who really inspire me to start writing was my aunt. We were walking around england and I realized the importance of writing. I had a really good life until it all started to hit me. I really struggled with the things that were going to happen. WWI was right around the corner and I knew I had to enroll or else I would get drafted. I had even more struggles throughout my life that I can’t explain in two sentences. Throughout this book you will learn about my struggles with family, WWI, and the Ace company issue. I remember the day I enrolled myself just like it was yesterday. I was very nervous and scared, but the letters that my family gave me did do something. The letters my family gave me made me happy, but I was getting homesick from them(Carpenter 84). I appreciated the letters and all, but they didn 't do too much from me really. In addition to the letters, I had to endure the many deaths of my best friends(Carpenter 83). Obviously if you are in the army you’re going to have to endure these kinds of things. Going into the army I was assigned a signal officer(Carpenter 83). As a signal officer you are going to have to know exactly what to do. A signal officer leads the signal corps which is a system that

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