My Success And Failure: My Journey To Success

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Success is a goal that many desire in life, what many don’t understand is that failure must be endured before success can be attained. I have had my share of trials and failure in the academic sense, my most significant failure being math. In retrospect, I never had a deep understanding on the concept of math or how numbers functioned with equations. However, instead of acknowledging I had a problem, I continued ignoring the broken relationship I had with math; letting my focus turn on advancing through the rest of my education. It would not be until freshman year of high school, while taking Algebra I, when I would face the broken relationship I had created and mend the pieces to begin my journey to success. As the long semester was beginning to draw to a close, tensions arose within me as my eyes stared at a grade which evoked disappointment. In all honesty, my evaluation was not a surprise. I had been ignoring assignments and doing poorly on tests, not bothering to ask for help when I felt I needed it. I was convinced that I would not need math to proceed in my life; nevertheless, the disappointment I felt towards my low grade said otherwise. The window of time to increase my grade was dwindling, leaving me only a week to make a crucial choice. Either, I studied to pass the the final and advanced to Algebra II, or failed; obligating me to take Algebra I over the summer. Making a choice, I decided to study and work towards achieving a better grade, in the hope I could

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