The Importance Of Success In Life

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Throughout my life I have always looked forward to living a life full of success. But time has gone by and it has taken me a while to see success as more than having money, material benefits, and happiness. To me success has become living a life that I feel proud of, and serving others. To begin with, being a general physician is something that I feel proud of because it has allowed me to help people. By being a physician I feel like I have fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. Every day that I go to work I feel like I make the world a better place by changing it with little things but with great impact. I always thought about the idea of making people feel better and seeing them happy. After eleven years of hard work to become a physician saving my first patient was something that I cannot even describe, it was a mix of feelings of relief, excitement, and happiness that this person could keep on living. As a physician, saving a patient’s life is very exciting, especially when…show more content…
By inspiring people like me, I mean letting them know that no matter where they come from they can always achieve their goals, and get to where they want to be. That with hard work, and dedication everything is possible. That no matter what rocks are put into their path, they can always get through them or look for another path. That in order to succeed one has to fail, that remaining humble while succeeding is better because it allows one to remain true to themselves and help more people. I consider this to be my major success because there are many people who give up to easily and if I am an example of a person who has endured similar hardships and inspired someone to keep going and not give up, I have changed their lives. Seeing someone think differently, and deciding to try harder in their lives after knowing my story is something that makes me feel that I have managed to accomplish a great impact in our
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