My Success Story: My Success Story Of My Education

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The success story that I value the most is my own success story of finishing my education and earning my Bachelor Degree. Because for me the road to obtain my degree was difficult and emotional. When I was a juvenile I made choices without thinking about the consequences and one decision that I regret the most almost cost me everything. When I was seventeen years old and a senior in high school, I hung around with the wrong crowd whose only interest was having a social life and having fun. The decision that I made that almost cost me everything was overdosing during school hours and being rushed to the hospital because of my action. The school called my parents saying, “Your son has overdose on drugs and his condition was life threaten to rush over the hospital as soon as they can”. After being at the hospital for twenty-four hours I was finally able to leave and had to face the consequence of my action. Once I arrived back at school I found out that I was being charge with under the influence and possession of drug. As results of my action I was expelled from my high school and had to finish my GED in adult school. Thanks to the Juvenile Court system once I turned eighteen my record was cleared, however this did not mean my actions would forgiven so easily. They say actions speak more than words and because of what I did no one believed in me. My success story was emotional, frustrating, and mostly satisfying because though the all the obstacle I had to face and overcome I

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