My Summer Vacation Of The Summer

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Summer vacation is usually when I make the most memories whether it is going on vacation and meeting new people, going to the beach remembering in detail how it felt to walk along the shore, sitting out in the sun with my friends trying to get darker and our hair lighter it is always a good time but not my favorite. I always loved to watch the summer fade into fall where the air begins to smell like decaying leaves and wood smoke. That’s how I knew cheerleading season would start. A sport I did for 9 years. One fall, as practices started up a new girl had joined our team. A new girl I would later call my best friend. The new girl on my team was called Isabella. After that day and so on we ended up growing up together as we practiced for cheer, traveled for competitions, shared birthdays realizing how old we were getting while watching and talking about our bodies changing. It was already the summer before 9th grade and we had decided we didn’t want to cheer anymore. Isabella had signed up for honor classes as she was capable of taking and I had chose to take regular classes but that did not make us spend any less time together. After school, we’d always head to my house because no one was ever home. My house began to be the house everyone went to after school as we met new people. One of our new friends later became Isabella’s boyfriend which worked out because I too, had a boyfriend which only made Isabella and I spend even more together since it was always a double date.

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