My Synagogue Experience Essay

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In the Jewish religion, worship services take place at a synagogue, a building for prayer and the study of God, which replaces the ancient Temple. The synagogue is a very important place to me. It helped me in moments when I was lost in and in life and I needed god to help me in situations that required miracles. For others, it seems absurd for me to use to go the synagogue to fix my problems, but It was more than that for me. I realized I was so out of touch in my religion that I needed to this regardless of my problems. Going to the synagogue put me on the right path of life that I needed and I’m thankful for it. Synagogues are, for the most part, independent community organizations. In the United States, at least, individual synagogues do not answer to any central authority. There are central organizations for the various movements of Judaism, and synagogues are often affiliated…show more content…
Unable to make that leap of faith, she remains behind, "passive, like a helpless animal" (51) I couldn’t begin the new life I was trying to pursue by dropping my old habits. I was so out-touched that the reason the I started going to a synagogue was practically a spark in my life that I…show more content…
No person should ever go through that. I couldn’t think straight for many nights after what I heard. I would admit to myself that I was lost a child as well and I didn’t what to do. At first, my father told me to go synagogue but I didn’t listen because I said, “that’s not going to help.” Then I realized what is my support for my mother if I say “everything will be okay.” Everyone says it helps but it doesn’t actually help out the person who has the sickness. I realized this is basically my only way to get in touch with god and support my mother the best way
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