My Teacher Told Me

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History is an extremely vast subject that covers an enormous amount of events that occurred in the past. While it is difficult to keep exact records of those happenings, it is however, traceable. Growing up in a different country, American history was the least of my concerns, but the 1301 class filled me in with a lot of information. However, this class shed a different light upon the U.S History, very different from the ones I learned in the previous class. I believe that including the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me” to the course was an excellent idea as it has drastically changed our viewpoint. It started off with the “American hero’s” story, which happened to be falsely stated and interpreted. It turned out that Christopher Columbus was not the first; rather it was the non-Natives who found the land before that. It is a complete mystery as to…show more content…
It is something in the past and Americans should be proud of how far they have come. Learning only good side of history does not educate the young ones and lead them to be patriotic, rather, understanding the hardships of the lost ones and learning the struggle people had to go through in order to get to where they are now is going to work wonders in helping youngsters choose the right path. It is inexcusable to hold back information for financial gain. Alteration to the events of the past and learning about them later will only infuriate the readers and believers. Term like “Gilded Age” was completely new to me, as I had no idea about what had actually transpired during that time period. Thus, people would highly appreciate the naked truths compared to hold back information about the history of the country they love so dearly. After being aware of those events myself, I was astounded by the difference in what I was taught in history 1301 and what I came across throughout this
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