My Teaching Philosophy And Philosophy Of The Classroom

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My teaching philosophy is to constantly be a reflective teacher and value lifelong learning. I believe learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment filled with laughter. I also believe in effectively engage learners in and out of the classroom to arouse their curiosity in learning new things around them. I strive to engage, challenge and inspire growth in my students. 2. Establishing a safe and inclusive environment The types of classroom environment I want for my class directly implies my beliefs and personal philosophy. It can either increase or decrease my students’ ability to feel safe and comfortable. In the beginning of the year, I have the goal of establishing a classroom environment that is encouraging and positive in helping all students work cooperatively. The classroom atmosphere or environment can impede or enhance a student’s ability to learn and feel protected and agreeable as a member of the class. Research has been made that creating an environment of common admiration, where students feel relaxed in asking questions and communicating their sentiments and feelings (Stronge). Areas that I would like to look into when creating a safe and inclusive environment of the classroom would be design, classroom practice and strategies. By bringing about strategies, it will help to develop a sense of community and foster positive interactions and cooperative learning for students with or without disabilities. A pleasant classroom environment can lead
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