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Our personal teaching philosophy determines our approach to instruction; therefore, it is essential to have a profound understanding of our own belief system. Ones view of learning and teaching is also affected by the values we believe in. I personally believe that the goal of education should be to encourage students to seek answers to develop their schemas as well as to facilitate their development of knowledge. Aside from academics, I also believe teachers should focus on instilling values in students such as the need for trust, fair play, and the ability to take prospective, also a desire to grow older and have a positive influence on society. While teaching I would like to take
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Teachers specify the rules and students know what they need to do in order to meet the behavioral expectations of the teacher (Newcomer, L., 2007). In addition to having these rules, a student centered approach to classroom management involves the students creating their own rules. Some examples of class rules should be as follows:
1. When I have something to say I should lift my hands.
2. I must respect others.
3. I will not eat during class.
4. When the teaching is speaking I will be quiet and attentive.
5. I will complete my work on time.
6. I will respect the property of the school and others.
7. I will use my free time wisely.
8. I will keep myself and my environment clean and tidy.
9. I will not disrupt the class unnecessarily.
10. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
In addition to having rules it can also be very effective to encourage students to set achievable goals as it is an effective strategy that can be utilized to create a productive working environment. For learning to be effective, clear targets in terms of information and skill must be established (Marzano, 2007, p.9) This task can be applied by means of the
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Whether it comes in the form of gender, religion, race, language, socio-economic background, culture, or developmental differences there will be differences among our students, therefore, we as teachers are to develop an effective plan to cater to them.
The road towards eliminating classroom diversities can be difficult but not unachievable. Teachers may employ ways of catering to diversity by firstly helping them understand that society is made up of many different races and classes of people and all culture should be esteemed. Additionally, they should come to recognize that everyone despite their social standing has something of importance to offer to humanity. Each career path or job has an importance as well; therefore, they should be appreciated.
Teachers may also use teaching strategies such as cooperative learning which encourages the sharing of ideas and communication. Utilize hands on activities which may cater to everyone despite differences. Help students to succeed by encouraging authentic assessments such as skits and dramas. Moreover, they can also use the strategy of frequent repetition in order to facilitate long term memory in their students despite the level they are working at. Within-class grouping can also be helpful in catering to diversities: however, careful monitoring

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