Summary: My Experience As A Teaching Assistant

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TEACHING STATEMENT Teaching is an integral part of my academic career profile. More importantly, it is a core element of whom I am which is why I am certain that I will excel as a faculty member to the academic community and to society as a whole. My previous teaching has helped form my experiences and philosophy, and also shaped my life interests. A. TEACHING EXPERIENCES My early teaching experiences as teaching assistant, research mentors and guest lecturer during working as research associate for NEXTRANS transportation research center at Purdue University gave me valuable early experiences to observe and think about the teaching process from different angles. From 2012 to present, as a faculty member at Illinois Institute of…show more content…
Descriptions of Course Taught • Algorithms in Transportation: Key topics: algorithm complex analysis; network models; theories, algorithms, and applications of shortest path, maximum flow, minimum cut, minimum spanning, minimum cost flow, linear programming, nonlinear programming, and static traffic assignment. • Advanced Traffic Engineering: Key topics: traffic sensing; traffic flow characteristics; equilibrium traffic flow models; macroscopic traffic modeling including wave, partial differential equations, conservation law, shock wave, LWR models, cell transmission models, simplified K-wave theory; car-following models. • Statistical Analysis of Engineering Data: Key topics: Descriptive statistics and graphs, probability distribution, random sampling, independence, significance tests, design of experiments, regression, time series analysis, statistical process control, and introduction to multivariate analysis. • Engineering Systems Analysis: Key topics: introduction and applications of engineering economics, microscopic economics in civil engineering; elementary probability and statistics theory and applications in civil
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