My Thank God: My Eulogy To Thank God

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To thank God is an everyday thing for me, since like a farmer praying for rain, blessings rain down on me when I needed it most. Although I’ve always been grateful in life, I don’t express my gratitude as much as I should. I remember the times when I was too much into the moment that I completely forget to say thanks. Nevertheless, there are many things in life that I am thankful for and I am grateful for everything that has happened, since I couldn’t have reach this point where I am now. I still may not have given enough thanks to God, but to other people who has helped me through out the way, I apologize for not showing how indebted I am to you. To my parents, the two people whom I know I need to truly thank, this is me saying thank you.
It was a short 18 years since I was brought into this world. I was still so helpless and fragile. Coming from a lower-middle class family from a small city in Mindanao, I was headed to a life full of uncertainties. I remember so clearly when I was still so young. I was crying so hard when my mother had to leave me in the classroom for the first time on the first day of kindergarten. Being so delicate, so honest, and exceptionally needy, I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive a day without any of my parents by my side. I had a lack of understanding back then. I never thought that they needed to leave to hurry to work or get back home to run family errands. Be that as it may, with each passing day, I got comfortable with the school life and
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