Class Reflection Report

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During my transition from high school to college, I often felt lonely and missed my old life. I had a lot of friends that I had known for almost a decade, but the first semester of freshman year was a clean slate. I knew no one, and no one knew me. I missed my dog, and surprisingly enough I even missed the teachers I had had in high school. Everything was very overwhelming when I arrived. The number of students in the Swanson School alone is almost double my entire graduating class. Additionally, my class sizes are typically in the hundreds, which is very large compared to my high school. It seemed impossible to get to know anyone, especially the teacher. Everyone was so intimidating, seeming as if the entire population knew more than I did. However, there was a remedy to this issue: little seminar. My class was only 14 people, and my peer advisor was very personable. When I walked into this class the first week, I felt at ease. The class often had the mentality that there were no wrong answers, which was a pleasant break from always being wrong. Even if I did not form long-lasting relationships…show more content…
If I were to hold my own section of little seminar, I would also instate this theme. Game shows are fun, relaxing, and bring everyone closer together. This form of entertainment typically includes silly elements that are bound to encourage laughter and fun. Game show games often require more effort, but do not induce the stress that some more competitive games can sometimes cause. A challenge faced with this theme could be the student’s unwillingness to be active. The games lose all appeal if only a few participate, which is quite possible as engineers have busy schedules and often stay up later than they should. However, I believe that this challenge will not be insurmountable. With enough energy and positivity, the students will open up to the fun and knowledge that can be obtained from little
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