My Transition To College

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I am eager to make the transition to college, but trying to determine how to pay for my impending tuition is not a thrilling. My single mother pays for the majority of my sisters need and mine. I plan to attend Gonzaga university and the tuition is very costly. Preferably I want to graduate debt free so I can take a gap year after graduation and join AmeriCorps Vista. A program such as AmeriCorp will further my experience working with people and gear me to enter the career of a nurse. Working with the public I will gain communication skills necessary to my future career of Pediatric Nursing. In addition, by donating my time to participate in a year of service my chances of getting job at a hospital will increase. I will have more real life experience giving me an advantage over other applicants. If awarded this scholarship paying for college seems like an achievable dream.…show more content…
This dream has become reality through my determination and hard work. I am graduating at the top of my class and have already been admitted to the nursing program at Gonzaga. At college I will be continuing this trend and assisting to be better and help others. As a nurse I will be a member of a team that aspires everyday to heal and help children recover. The Bette Vanbeber scholarship will not just be awarded to me, but to the many people that one day I will
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