My Treasure Tree: A Story Of A Treasure Tree

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Treasure Tree I awoke with a start at the booming sound of my father’s voice downstairs. My mind was not registering what he was saying, but he was full-on shouting, which meant something was horribly wrong. I stumbled out of bed and staggered quickly downstairs where Mom and Lauren were already assembled, dressed in bathrobes and worried expressions. I scanned the area for my father. He was nowhere to be found. “What’s-what’s going on?” I stammered. Mom wrapped her arm around me gently. “The trees just caught fire, Nevaeh.” My older sister replied in her usual snotty tone. “Dad’s handling it.” I glanced to Mom for confirmation, and she gave me that sad, half-hearted smile she always did whenever something was going wrong. I could tell it was not as “sunshine and rainbows” as Lauren made it out to be. I hoped Dad was okay. Suddenly I felt a sick feeling enter my stomach as a thought entered my mind, and as it continued processing, the feeling grew until I felt as though I’d been punched in the gut. Not even stopping for shoes, I darted out the front door and towards our little corner of Heaven, where more than two dozen enormous oaks had lived peacefully for my entire life. I didn’t even bother to register my mother and sister’s voices calling after me to get back inside. I just ran. Though it wasn’t a long run, it felt much longer considering I had much more awaiting me than I usually did each day I ventured into my little forest of happiness. But

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