My Trip To Disney World Essay

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A couple of years ago we went to Disney World. I went with my mom, dad, and my sister. We went to Downtown Disney, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. Traveling to Disney was very fun. We went to Hudson so my Uncle could give us a ride to the city's. We stayed in a hotel. In the morning we took a shuttle to the airport. When we got to the airport we went to Security. When I went through security I got my bags checked. I had an M&M container in my suitcase and it looked suspicious. While we waited for our flight I had Starbucks, and Subway. As we were walking to where are flight would be boarding one of the car things that drive people around in the airport almost ran me over. It was kind of funny. On the plane I sat be these really nice old people. I ate a lot of food on the plane. After felt like…show more content…
It was sizzling hot outside in Florida today. At Animal Kingdom we went to this show. The show reminded me of a circus. There were a lot of stunt acts. After the show we went to eat breakfast with Donald Duck, and friends. I meet all of the Mickey mouse characters including my favorite the one and only Donald Duck. I ate rice, tater tots, and waffles. It was a buffett. After the buffet we went on a safari ride. The animals got so close to us. It was cool to see the animals even though it sure wasn't cool outside. We went on some rides next. My favorite ride was the Expedition Everest. I went on the ride so many times. I also like a water ride they had. We also went on a Dinosaur ride. Primelveal ride was one of my favorites as well. Those were some cool ride I went on at Animal Kingdom. Right before we left we went to A Bug's Life show. It made it feel like bugs were touching you and running under your seat. When we left Animal Kingdom we went to Downtown disney. We wandered around there for a while. After a while we went back to our hotel and ordered a pizza and that was the end of day
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