My Trip To Jamaica Research Paper

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I have had many incredible travel experiences throughout my life, as well as many terrible ones. Our annual family trip to Florida last year was amazing, but the twenty-four hour car ride in a vehicle full of people was not very enjoyable. Another trip that I am very grateful to have gone on is our trip to Alabama, even though the hotel we stayed at was one of the strangest places I have ever slept in. Also, while we were in Alabama we stayed in a beautiful area, but they had large Palmetto bugs that weaseled their way into the condo. However, my trip to Jamaica remains the best trip of my life, as well as the worst. My family and I had to be at the airport by three in the morning, for our flight that was scheduled to leave at five.…show more content…
My mother, both of my sisters, and I all boarded on one airplane headed to Miami, where we would get on another flight to take us to Jamaica. My father had a different flight a few hours after ours that would take him straight to Jamaica. Both of the flights were pretty uneventful, and I slept for a large portion of the time. Eventually we were all together in the Jamaican airport, and were finally going to be able to relax. After getting through customs, we couldn’t find our luggage anywhere, and we had to go to a service desk, yet again. They told us that our bags had gone to Charlotte North Carolina without us, and there was no way of getting them to Jamaica until the next day. As we talked with the people running the service desk, trying to remedy the situation, the woman behind us kept making rude comments about how long we were taking, and that she just wanted to get her vacation started. That enraged my sister Breanna, you could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. We were finally forced to make our way to the transportation area with promises that our luggage would be there early the next
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