My Trip To Vietnam

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Being social was something I used to struggle with. I felt awkward and thought I would never be comfortable around people. However, a trip to Vietnam with my father when I was 12 struck a change in me. Everywhere we went, people of all ages would stop me, just to talk. At first I was shy, but everyone was so friendly I found it easier and easier to spend some time and simply talk to people. One boy I met even called me his brother, which really impacted how I was starting to feel around people. By the end of the trip, I was eager to meet new people and just talk to them about anything. I learned a lot about myself and the trip made me realize I really enjoyed socializing and could overcome my awkwardness if I kept putting myself out there.…show more content…
I wanted to be social, but sometimes felt intimidated by older kids. In the spring, I joined the lacrosse team, a sport I had never played, and soon made many friends from all grades. One senior, named Ben, was someone I looked up to and admired. I still remember how intimidated I was of him and yet by the end of the season we were good friends. Just like in Vietnam, I started to realize that being shy around new people could keep you from becoming friends with them and there was nothing to fear. Typically independent, after the lacrosse season I appreciated the team spirit and comradery and in turn, it gave me ever more confidence. I contributed more in my classes and made a lot more friends in
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