My Tutoring Experience

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My fifth grade summer started with my mother volunteering me as a tutor twice a week throughout the summer. I visited my neighbor’s house to assist her in tutoring kids with math and reading. I of course protested, but my mom being my mom made me do it anyways. After my first week, I began focusing primarily on tutoring elementary aged kids. It took me a few sessions to acclimate to a teaching role rather than a student.
After completing my sixth grade year, I found myself tutoring once again. This time I looked forward to helping children once again. My tutoring sessions during this summer became easier and more productive for the students than my previous summer. The additional learning experience and hours spent bonding with the students
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I participated in my school 's leadership and tutoring program, TWIST (Tigers Welcoming Incoming Students Today) leader and a teacher aide. As eighth grade year abruptly came to an end it meant graduation approaching. One morning as I waited for my school bus to arrive my neighbor who provided the tutoring during the summer briskly walked up to me and gave me a completed application to sign. She explained that the form would be associated with my previous summers providing tutoring assistance. She ensured that I would understand further in a few days. Our conversation about the application eluded me until my graduation ceremony. As my name was announced and I worked my way towards the stage to receive a distinguished award called Caren Reese Memorial Award for Citizenship and Service Learning, I found myself surprised and confused. It turns out my neighbor submitted the application on my behalf to my school principal. It is heartwarming that she recognized my hard work and dedication. I thanked her later that evening and today my name is engraved on a plaque presented in a school display case.
If I had never started tutoring kids in fifth grade then my appreciation for sharing my love for school academics wouldn’t gotten to where I am today. By providing tutoring assistance helped me understand that we all learn differently. I hope that all the students I tutored will continue to improve academically. While tutoring was challenging and required patience, it was a valuable rewarding experience. Now that I’m in highschool, I haven’t been able to tutor as much but I most definitely won 't forget the passion for sharing my love for learning and helping
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