My Twin Brother: My Brother And My Twin Brother

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“Good morning” my mother said to me and my twin brother. Let me introduce myself; I’m Bob, and this is my brother, Jeff. I have brown hair and he has black hair, and we look nothing like twins. He has blue eyes and I have green; I look like my mom, and he looks like my dad, but there is one more difference: I’m “unwanted” and he is not. Let me make this clear. The supplies here on earth are running low so families can only have one kid. So me and my twin brother were NOT supposed to happen my brother was born first, so he is ok to go outside and go to school but I’m not because I was born second I’m not supposed to be here; I’m illegal. If you have twins, you are supposed to get rid of the second baby. I’m not “unwanted” by my family just by the rest of the world. So when the government comes to check that there is nobody that may be extra to feed, like an unwanted kid. I have to find a place to hide. In my neighborhood there are a lot of us by us, I mean the “unwanted”, so normally we warn each other that the government is in town and that day we go to a tree house that we built in the woods. There is about ten of us in town. Today is one of the days that the government is here so we are all are sneaking out the back and going to the woods. When I get there I will introduce you to them.(one hour of walking) Well we are here and I 'm a little late; I bet they were worried. This is Sally, Gavien, Jack, Matthew, Ava, Zoe, Alex, Chloe, and Mason. We are all friends. We
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