My Favorite Place

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Have you ever loved a place so much that you never want to leave? Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that no matter where else you go it doesn't compare? Or, have you ever witnessed nature so beautiful it takes your breath away and leaves you speechless? I am sure you have a specific place in mind, I know I do. My favorite place in the whole word is Aruba. If I could describe Aruba in one word it would be BEAUTIFUL. Aruba is Breathtaking, Exotic, Adventurous, Unbelievably relaxing, Tropical, Immaculate, Fun, Unimaginably sunny, and Lush. BEAUTIFUL. Ever since I can remember my family has been going on vacation to Aruba. Every year that we go we just fall more and more in love with the island. Describing such a beautiful place in words…show more content…
My great grandpa Keith and my great grandma Wilma both traveled to aruba for the first time in 1881. They fell in love with the island, the people and the culture and began living there 3 months out of the year there. They then started a charity on the island called “Friends for the Handicap” which is still around today and my grandparents run it. Each year at the resort we stay in they would sell hundreds of super bowl squares to vacationers and raise money. At the end of the year they would have thousands of dollars to donate. This money would be donated back to the island to local schools, families, and the disabled and handicap. After years on the island my great grandparents also noticed there was a great need for a new swimming pool at the school for the local children to train in and take lessons. The old one was in such bad shape it was unusable, therefore their athletes and Olympic swimmers had nowhere to train. So, my grandparents had a new Olympic size swimming pool put in as a way of giving back to the island. To this day the locals still use this pool for swimming lessons and Aruban Olympic swimmers use this pool to train. Aruba is such a special place for my family. It is like our second home and somewhere each year we all go together. There is no better feeling than traveling somewhere you love, with the people you love, while also
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