My Value Of Education

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Ever since I can remember I have been proud to show my culture and my values. Being raised in a Mexican-American household definitely helped me with my identity. Now that I am 22 I can see how my upbringing has all understood where other people 's culture. Being raised in a household with a rich tradition and culture will help me understand my students and their own cultures. Talking about values is a common topic with my family. In my family, one value that 's very important is the impact of education. My parents did not have the opportunity to attend school in Mexico, so they ensured that their children would not miss out on the opportunity to the best education they can get. Being an honor roll student was my main priority growing up, and when I was in high school applying to college was an even bigger priority. While I value my education, I have seen all the different opportunities of careers I can do with my Early Childhood and Spanish major, I can also see how the constant push on having good grades and getting a higher education can be stressful on the child. I have managed to see that there are many different ways an individual can be successful without going to college or having a 4.0 GPA. While I will continue to hold the value of education and all the opportunities it can give I will also add onto that there are different directions a person can take and be successful. Growing up with 3 siblings I have seen how each of us have different learning styles
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