My Value Of Education: The Importance Of Learning Throughout Life

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Everyone, whether they realize it or not, has their own view on learning throughout life. For some they may develop a view on learning by themselves but most people have someone or something that impacted their view on learning. I was never an individual to seek out extra knowledge. For me what I learned in school was simply enough as long as I understood and passed all my classes. The less amount of effort I had to put in was better for me. One day, all that changed for me with a teacher I had in third-grade. This teacher helped me to understand the value of knowledge, the importance of putting forth maximum effort and the benefit of finding enjoyment in learning new things. A famous saying is “knowledge is power”. Over the years I have found this to be extremely accurate. The first time I heard this saying was from my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Williams. In school I never had trouble learning or grasping the concept of the material that we were taught as students, therefore, I never put forth the extra effort to do any extra credit assignments or answer questions in class. Mrs. Williams noticed that I would never participate and one…show more content…
My love for learning began to follow me outside of the classroom. I began to read more books, ask my mom about things in life and observe the environment around me. Reading became one of my favorite pastimes. I was constantly in my school’s library checking out new books all of the time. If there was something that I wanted to learn or know about it could almost always be found in a book. Reading was my go to way of learning because I could learn things that I needed to know as well as learn things for my own enjoyment. It was quite fascinating how quickly my view on learning had changed. Mrs. Williams had completely changed how I approached learning in such a short amount of time. Learning was no longer a chore for me at this point; I found complete enjoyment in the

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