My Values In My Life

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According to American author Anthony Robbins, it is not the events of our lives that shape us, but the meaning we attach to those events. (n.d.). Currently how I think, what I value and believe, are mainly based on my own experience, which I have gained suffering different situations. However, the most powerful lesson of my life, I learned five years ago and with the help of Rosie. Rosie is my sister, who is a year and ten months younger than me, but she is the only person in the entire universe who knows everything about me. I am proud of myself, because when we were children I was a role model for her, since she always followed me and wanted to become my exact copy. However when I was a child without critical thinking ability, I called her “tail” for that behavior and reacted negatively to her, thinking that I could lose my uniqueness and identity. All this led to an accident, which has changed my life and has become the base for one of the core rules of my life. I understood that it is necessary to value people surrounding you and to deeply consider the possible results of your actions, taking responsibility for them. The story happened when I was twelve years old and Rosie was ten. I was our parent’s oldest child, with brown hair and clever eyes, and this was giving me huge advantage over Rosie and was helping to consider myself as a perfection. For twelve year old perfect and clever girl, Rosie was a bit stupid, because she trusted everyone and believed to everything.

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