My View On Success: My Definition Of Success

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My View on Success With diverse cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles, different people have their own definition of success. Some people deem that success means possessing plenty of money or owning high social status. However, some people in impoverished area consider that success is improving their living condition and dietary condition. Despite different explanations toward success, people are required to pay lots of effort to attain success. In my opinion, success means that pursing your goal strenuously without giving up. The reason why many people fail is that they abandon their goals frequently. It is almost impossible for people to succeed without continuous effort. If people renounce their aims once problems came up, they will not succeed. People abandoning their objectives believe that they will not attain success even if they have paid much effort. However, they will draw a lesson about why they fail and when they set another goal, they can know how to handle problems or difficulties and next time they will have high possibility of fulfilling their goals. In order to succeed, people have to put a great deal of effort to achieve their goal without renouncement. Many people…show more content…
Only by working diligently and persistently toward our goals can we attain success. With endeavor and perseverance, Edison invented the light bulb which is beneficial to the world and many athletes win award in sports competition. No one can achieve success without striving strenuously and insistently. Maybe some people think that success is owing to good luck, but these people do not pay much attention to the person who obtaining success works hard and tenaciously until he succeeds. Success means a multitude of effort and insistence. Working diligently and insistently, success will be close gradually. Without working strenuously and persistently, success will always be
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