My Vision For America Analysis

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"My Vision for America" My Vision for America is for everyone to reunite together and to live by God not society. Today, people are so worry about what people think about them instead of what God thinks of them. However, in the end his opinions rules over all of societies. I want to be able to talk about God in school without getting in trouble, because not everyone believes or worships his words. I still remember praying as a class before we ate lunch, but now days you either say a prayer by yourself or you don 't. It 's sad to think that our country as come to this. Our country was built on the word of God and it should remain built around his words. A couple of weeks ago, Gay Marriage just became legal and do you think God is happy about that? No! He is not, because in…show more content…
I don 't want their sacfrice to mean nothing if our country was to get took over, because we have gotten ourself into so much debt. There is not enough money in this world to repay the debt of America. People are worried about China or Russia taking over America and we should be. Since China stock market crashed a few days ago, people are worried that they might want their money we own them. Speaking about foregin countries, I think America should bring back America 's companies and make everything here from now own. If we where to this, it would bring jobs, more money for America, and China won 't have control over are companies. When I was little, my grandma use to work in sewing factories and they would make clothes there instead of China making everything. She ended up losing her job, when the company moved overseas. Our president talks about bringing more jobs in America, but he is allowing these companies to travel over sea for less money in order to make these items. However, if you stop and think about it the money we spend in order to ship the items over seas and them ship it back. It would cost just the
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